Hello, my name is Jarek Witoń (should be read as Yarek). I am a cameraman and colourist. Speaking commonly: I colour films. My friends often ask me: will you colour my film? And that is not correct! You can't colour a film unless it is black and white. Professionally we call it a colour-correction and we should stick to this. 


I have been working as a colourist for 12 years. I started from wedding videos, but the more I was doing this, the more I wanted to know about the filmmaking process. That is how I got into Ama Film School in Cracow, where I was learning under the watchful eye of Piotr Lenar and Paweł Pawelc. In Cracow I was able to gain filmmaking and director's experience at Michał Jarczyk's Mx Studio Wadowice.

Today I am a freelancer and work in Black Magic system with URSA Mini PRO 4.6K + Canon L and basic set of light. My journey with colour has started 28 years ago. I gained my first experience as a screen-printer and graphic designer. My first professional colouring steps I was taking while learning from Paweł Chryowski from Wołowo – screen director and graduate of Wroclaw Film School. My frist programme was Edius 6.5. 


My studio is in Poznan on Drobnika street. It is equipped with 10 bit preview OLED LG CX 55". Koper takes care of its calibration. I also own a Mikro Panel Black Magic Design, Blackmagic Design DeckLink card and Mini Monitor 4K - with 6G-SDI and newestHDMI 2.0a-Blackmagic Design Mini Converter - SDI to HDMI 6G, X-RITE COLORCHECKER PASSPORT. Additionally, the sound in my studio is provided with the Demon receiver and Boston speakers.

Editing ad colour-correction is made in Davinci Reslove. 



Produkcja filmów - Kolor korekcja 

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jarosław witoń

jarosław witoń

tel. +48 515 180 937


60-693 Poznań, Drobnika 12 street

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Bryony Dixon explains, that the knowledge about filmmaking was known to people, but not until now we have the possibility to watch movies. Colour movies existed, but it was not naturally colourful – producers were just colouring cine-films.

Omnipresent dies have the standard width of 35 milimeters, and cine-film have 38 milimeteres. Because of that, there was no possibility to play it. To have a chance to do so, a special projector has been built.  

In conclusion: on the rocess of filmmaking, just like in any other kind of art or science discipline, there are no all-knowing people. We learn all the time!
We should not be scared to ask and expand our knowledge independently of our skills and experience.  

The very first colour film "World's Oldest Color Film" was filmed and directed by Edward Raymond Turner in 1902. 

Nowadays we have almost everything: cameras with a big dynamic range, and the RAW format is a basis. fast and capacious CFAST cards eare easily saving at 500mb/s. The list is limitless. 

Blackmagic Design has started a revolution in quality that comes with a good price, and Emmy honoured colour-correction DaVinci products are dominant in television and filmmaking since 1984.  Blackmagic Design continues groundbreaking innovations with products such as 6G-SDI i 12G-SDI and stereoscopic workflows in 3D & Ultra HD. Created by world-leading editors and engineers, Blackmagic Design has its HQs in the USA, UK, Japan, Singapur and Australia. 

Today it is 2021 and it looks a bit different now.

One of our works made in the Black Magic Desgin. system.
Director: Michał Jarczyk
Cameramen: Bartosz Opolski oraz Jarosław Witoń
Colour-correction: Jarosław Witoń

Mężczyzna siedzi na fotelu i koloruje film w Davinci Resolv


 8, 10 and 16 bit cameras

Weding videos editing



Colour-correction, with the specialization in Black Magic Design and Panasonic GH


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